Thanks to the integrated use of technology with different devices, access limits have increased in our lives. Especially in the ******** tracking area Find Loca application you can easily access the ******** of your family or friends.

It is a powerful geo******** application that uses the latest GPS tracking technology. You can keep track of your family members and loved ones without ever disconnecting them, and instantly know where they are without the need to search. The application brings many important conveniences in your daily life with functional features.

Find Loca App Menu

- Find realtime ********s: With this feature you can instantly share real-time ********s of your loved ones.
- Get Notifications and Alerts: You can receive real-time alerts when your friends or family go to work, home, and school.
- ******** History: You can track the ******** history of any member around you on a daily basis.
- Battery Alerts: Indicates that your family's battery is running low with ******** tracking.

Features of Find Loca App

See where your friends, family or loved ones are and track them with the ******** finder app. Findloca shares your ******** in real time. It helps keep your loved ones safe.
* Find real-time ********s of family or friends on a private map.
* You can see where your family is during the day.
* Daily access to the ******** history of any member in your neighborhood.
There are also optional permission requests in the application. These:
* ******** services to inform environmental members of your current ********
* Notifications to notify you of your family's ******** changes
* Guide for other users approaching your environment
* There will be camera and guide permission requests to determine your profile picture. The app subscriptions range in price ranges from 1 week, 3 months and 1 year.

Phone Requirements for Find Loca App

You can use the ******** tracking application findloca to track your family and friends all day long.
* 86.8 MB in size and is in the navigation category.
* Requires iOS11.2 or newer system.
* Can be used compatible with iphone, ipod touch, ipad.
* English, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, German language compatibility.
* The application can find your ******** even if it is not open. This will result in reduced battery life.
* One week Premium in-app purchases are charged at $ 9.99.
The application offers practical use to track the ******** of your guests, while sending your children to school.