Months after you return from your trip from Morocco you will probably like us remember your trip to Morocco, just like us when we close our eyes you can feel the Sahara sand between your toes, smell the spices, fruits of the souks and tanneries or even taste your favourite Tangine which is yours? One of our favourites was a mixture of meatballs covered with a fried egg on a layer of spicy tomato sauce. Morocco private tours

However the thing that remains vivid is the colours and patterns of Morocco something that is hard to forget, you hear many travellers talking about the colours of India suggesting that the dirt and grime of the cities cannot hide the glory of the colours, however Morocco is rarely associated with colour but be prepared it will dazzle you and disserves more attention than it gets. morocco tours
In the Palais de la Bahia in Marrakech it is confusing when you first notice the patterns as they seem more Spanish than Arabic the patterns of many different civilisations and cultures emerge because it has been ruled and conquered by so many different groups of people over the centuries, this is reflected in the countries art and architecture.
In the city Marrakech you can see where Moorish, Berber, Arabic and Andalusian cultures were all coexisting together. In Chefchaouen the 'Blue City' where once was colonised by Spain and where Spanish is still spoken by its residents you can see and feel the Mediterranean connection weaving its way through the city in colours, architecture and cuisine as the colours of the sky and ocean are intertwined into everything.
Fez reflects the true Morrocan style as it's a predominant Islamic city with Islamic decorations and building design, within the sand dunes of the Sahara, southern Morocco around and near Merzouga it feels tribal and definitely more African.
In the Atlas Mountains you will come across the Berber women weaving vibrant coloured rugs with intricate patterns which will tempt you to buy with the simplistic but stunning colours and styles.
If you're thinking about Morocco as your next destination you will certainly come across tagines, souks, camels and snake charmers but keep your eyes peeled for the feast of colours and patterns that will also dazzle and delight you.