Health insurance; the insured person, disease and accidents, and medical assistance, treatment of damages, Cheap Health Insurance with health services cover the costs of drugs without interruption is a type of insurance can be.

Insurance companies, medical consultant, the approval of the insured person, surgery, long or short term treatments, such as surgery or treatment linked to drug expenses all expenses are covered in full with the maximum limits or exclusion. Although differences in the application of the insurance company, periodic health checks, without any medical reason, and so they spend, in general are kept external collateral.

There are two main private health Fuses deposit. The first of these “second is” Outpatient Patiens Deposit “Future”.

Residential Treatment Benefit

Surgical or non-surgical treatment in the hospital inpatient hospitalization for output in the period, Cheap Health Insurance he worked as an Assistant doctor, operating rooms, anesthesia, other necessary and mandatory medical service during the insured person receiving treatment in the hospital will they go with intensive care and ambulance expenses.

Outpatient Treatment Benefit

Doctor examination, diagnostic methods (MR, CT and laboratory examinations, etc.), entered the small interventions outpatient treatment and medication costs.

Insurance coverage under a sudden illness or accident, the insured of expenses as a result of medically necessary treatment within the scope of the guarantee and about to take place. Cheap Health Insurance The process of treatment of the subject of the treatment in the insured’s sudden illness or accident not directly related to the State of another illness or accident of overhead incurred is considered to be the subject of a separate compensation.

The insurer, the policy fall within the scope of the guarantee for the duration of validity for all occasions to undertake maximum total liability amount is the total deposit limit. Total deposit limit is specified in the insurance policy.

Also in addition to these two main deposit header, with the condition that pay extra premium glasses (glass/frame/lens) and there is a third group of collateral, which is covered in the tooth.

This policy can be purchased, up to the time of your journey, whether international, monthly, quarterly, monthly, daily, 2 3 4 5 6 month and 12-month travel time or until domestic travels for a period of no more than 30 days, you can get.

Medical treatment due to injury or illness
Due to injury or illness of the insured transplant
Transfer to Permanent Residence after discharge
The insured person deceased transplant
Transmission of Emergency messages
The presence Trunk and delivered made by drawing up
Damage to luggage loss, theft, Scheduled
Medication must be sent to the Organization

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