The development of the child with Down syndrome is influenced by the chromosomal change. As a result of the insufficient maturation of the central nervous system, the child is limited in its ability to react accordingly to stimuli. This is reinforced by a reduced state of tension of the musculature (of the whole body).

Often also a hearing and / or visual disturbance, a heart defect or other illnesses influence the development of the child. After the birth of a child with Down syndrome many questions arise about the changed life situation, especially how the child can be supported in his development.

Child development in Down syndrome

Children with Down's syndrome are slowed down in their motor and cognitive development, whereby the developmental stages of these two areas do not necessarily have to run parallel to each other. Often, in comparison, cognitive development progresses more rapidly in the first few years, while motor abilities, e.g. crawl, sit, stand and walk usually much later than in "regular children" are mastered. From about the age of five, many Down children catch up in motor development, while cognitive skills develop more slowly.

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