SCENARIO: Huth appears to pull the hair of Manchester Uniteds Fellaini as a corner is played in, before the latter aims an elbow towards the Leicester defender twice. Leicester defender Robert Huth appears to pull the hair of Marouane Fellaini during the game at Old Trafford GALLAGHERS VIEW: Retrospective FA action for both players.GALLAGHER SAYS: When you watch the incident, theres no doubt that Robert Huth pulls Fellainis hair and he subsequently elbows him. The easiest one to talk about is the first one because its clearly an act of violent conduct and I dont think theres any doubt that the FA will charge him or ban him. Man Utd-Leicester talking points Refereeing decisions, Riyad Mahrez and Wayne Rooney feature in our Old Trafford talking points. I didnt spot it until it was replayed later in the game so bearing in mind were watching the same game and Im sat in the luxury of my seat at home, I can understand why a referee didnt see it.The Huth incident is interesting as much as earlier in the season when two Morecambe players did a similar thing to Marcus Bean at Wycombe. They were subsequently charged for the same offence that Huth committed, they both admitted the offence and served a three match ban each so there is a precedence there. Marouane Fellaini elbows Robert Huth for the first time before doing so again seconds later The FA can charge which they have the right to do, especially with the Fellaini one because there was an elbow and the first one because of what happened earlier in the season. Theyve already done it so I cant see why they wouldnt follow their procedure.INCIDENT: Leicester midfielder Danny Drinkwater is sent off for a second yellow card after a tackle on Memphis Depay.SCENARIO: Drinkwater is chasing down Depay on the left-hand side and pulls him back before the Manchester United winger goes down in the box, although is not awarded a penalty. The Leicester player is then shown a second yellow card for the foul, adding to his earlier booking for a challenge on Marcus Rashford. Gallagher says Manchester United should have had a penalty as both of Depays feet were on the line and therefore inside the box GALLAGHERS VIEW: Correct decision for the second yellow, but there should have been a penalty.GALLAGHER SAYS: I think it was a foul when you pull a guy like that. The line belongs to the goalkeeper is the easy rule of thumb when deciding if it was inside or outside the box. The goalkeeper can handle the ball as far as the line, so the line is part of the penalty area. Depay has both feet on the line so he is in the penalty area and it should have been a penalty.That was the only decision of the match that I looked at and wondered why Michael didnt get that one. I say that because the angle we see before where hes running, all I can think is because of Drinkwaters body, hes not sure at what point his feet are planted when he gives the foul. Danny Drinkwater leaves the field after being sent off against Manchester United I think it should have been a second yellow. The rule is the referee has to be convinced that its in the penalty area and I dont think he was convinced of where his feet were at the time because I think hes watching the shirt pulling and he loses sight of where his feet are.I think thats where he makes his mistake. I can understand that because hes watching his arms and theyre up, but his feet are on the line and unfortunately when he blows his whistle, the player moves and the situation has changed. Buy Nike Tn. The Super Sunday panel felt Leicester were fortunate not to have a penalty awarded against them at Old Trafford INCIDENT: Wayne Rooney brings down Demarai Gray while already on a yellow card.SCENARIO: Manchester United captain Rooney pulls back Gray as Leicester mounted an attack towards the opposing box. Rooney was already on a yellow card, but was not shown another for the foul.GALLAGHERS VIEW: Correct decisionGALLAGHER SAYS: The two sending off incidents are 100 per cent different because the offense is to stop an attack. Drinkwater stopped Depay going into the penalty area and attempting to cross the ball, but with Rooney, he pulled Demarai Gray back but he didnt stop the attack because Leicester continued to do so. Wayne Rooney felt Manchester United dominated the second half against Leicester and deserved to win There are a few ifs and maybes, but the fact was the player attacked with the ball so the referee is taught that he hasnt broken up an attack and he hasnt done that so the most he can say to Rooney is youre very lucky.At the point it occurred, if the referee had a whistle, he would have penalised Leicester because they were attacking into the penalty area and that was the dilemma for the referee. I would bet anybody, if the referee had a whistle and gave the free kick to Rooney, everybody would have been up in arms and said the wrong team had been punished. Leicester to watch MNF Leicesters players will watch Monday Night Football as Chelsea could hand the Foxes the title. This is the dilemma with this decision, is that whichever way the referee had jumped there, he was going to be wrong so the best situation really was to allow Leicester to continue because they had a chance of scoring.INCIDENT: Riyad Mahrez collides with Marcos Rojo in the box, with no Leicester penalty awarded. Gallagher says Leicester should have been awarded a penalty for this foul from Rojo on Mahrez SCENARIO: Mahrez collects a rebound from a David de Gea save, but he is tackled in the box by Rojo, going to ground but theres no indication of a penalty from the referee and play continues.GALLAGHERS VIEW: Wrong decisionGALLAGHER SAYS: I think it is a penalty. A number of people have said to me no but I think when you watch it, you can see. I can understand that Michael thinks it is a collision, but when you look at it closely, he brings his left leg up and brings him down and the referee just doesnt see it because it is the other side. 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