Kaepernick should be in the NFL David Montgomery Jersey , and if he is in the NFL which teams would he be a fit for. There are a few factors that can go into whether or not this controversial sports figure would be a fit for a team, and those factors are ********, depth at the position Authentic Riley Ridley Jersey Elite Womens Youth Big&Tall Nike Chicago Bears NFL Shop Free Shipping , and Kaepernick’s willingness to be a backup. Teams with terrible quarterbacks should be first in line to ask about acquiring him. ********s with a more liberal population and who a majority of the fans support his actions are also good landing spots, but there are also some teams that don’t need him because he could be somewhat of a distraction.Teams with a franchise quarterback might not want Kaepernick, and he might not want to join those teams due to them not being able to accommodate his desire to start on a long term basis. It is obvious that this late into training camp Kaepernick won’t find a starting job. Kaepernick will have to start off as a backup Jonah Williams Jersey , and he needs to be willing to accept that role. If he finds the right team he may get an opportunity someday to become a long term starter again if he improves his skill set.Here are 8 teams that should sign Colin Kaepernick and 7 that shouldn’t: The 2018 NFL entry draft had the highest ratings of any draft day in history with an average of 5.5 million viewers. The NFL draft provides hope to all fans that this will be the season their team drafts the next Peyton Manning and not the next Ryan Leaf. Fans are also scouting out potential picks for the upcoming fantasy season. As for the players and their families, this might be the best day of their lives and also might be the highlight of their careers.When a team has a first-round pick on draft day, they hope they draft the right player Elgton Jenkins Jersey , develop them properly and have them become the face of the franchise for the next decade. Unfortunately, it happens more often that the player will never meet the potential seen in college and will be labeled an NFL draft bust. Making the transition from College to the NFL and facing the media everyday could be very demanding for a young athlete.We have complied a list of the 25 most recent draft bust and who should have been drafted instead. Our list takes into consideration athletes who couldn’t handle the pressure of being a professional athlete, had multiple injuries during their career Cheap Authentic Jace Sternberger Jersey Super Bowl LI 51 Nike NFL Green Bay Packers Limited Game Shop , experienced substance abuse issues or were poorly developed by the team that drafted them. Regardless of the situation, these players could not cut it in the NFL and we will tell you who they should have drafted.