The current conditions are very good, the expressway makes people go out convenient and fast, and the road level makes us feel a little bumpy. There is air conditioning and heating in the car. We don't realize the real weather changes outside, and the driver either puts songs or discharges the film all the way. The passengers don't feel how boring the journey is. This long-distance bus took home from Beijing and only spent. I spent six hours and a half, not only strolling along the way to Beijing, but also enjoying the scenery of the Hebei section. What��s more interesting is that these hours have let our car people experience the scenery of the spring, summer, autumn and winter for one year at eight o'clock in the morning Marlboro Red. When I first got on the long-distance bus, my child's father called and asked if I was in the car. By the way, I told my family that the sky was gray and began to float. The weather in Beijing at this time is very good. Through the window, I saw the sight of Beijing's busy traffic. The difference was that the noisy buzz was rejected and the ears were quiet. Sitting in the car and looking out the window, I feel very cool. I walked all the way. I saw Beijing Normal University, Beijing Sports Institute and Beijing TV Station. Their doors were simple and not tacky. They were on a street. Every time I came here, I didn��t observe the trees on both sides of the road. It was still green. Although the leaves were a little water-like, the flowers were not as lush as the summer, but they were still sporadic, from downtown to Qinghe. Station, we see the most high-rise buildings on both sides of the road, more crowded, clean and generous. The car went further, and the road was gradually caught in the middle of the mountain. Some roads passed through the mountains. Occasionally, people who lived at the foot of the mountain could be seen. There are many people here. I flashed him for the rest of the year. I also thought about living here for a few days. We can clearly see the ancient gray brick buildings on the Badaling Mountain and the fragments of the Great Wall. Even the tourists on the Great Wall can clearly see that Beijing is out. After the strip, the mountains on both sides of the road gradually became narrower and lower. The mountain was gradually replaced by stone and earth piles. Until the road was flush with the surrounding land, the views on both sides were wide open and the only way to see the water was. It is the Guanting Reservoir. Although it is a reservoir, we still feel a sea from north to south. There is no such thing as a yacht on the reservoir. I just saw a big bird I don��t know hovering in the sky above it, and the north side of the road. The peaks are high, the stones are huge, the color is black and not thick, just like the ink paintings painted by the ancients on the huge rice paper. When the car enters the Xuanhua area of ??Hebei, there are many trees and willows on both sides of the road. Poplar trees, willows are high and low, and the willows have lost her proud tender green in the fall. They have become a little bit awkward, and the wind has been screaming at them from time to time It is also a bit of a sneak peek. Dina is inferior, and the road in Zhangjiakou is inferior. The poplars on both sides gradually replaced the willows, and they became sparse, and the canopy converges from the past Cigarettes Online, and the trees are also turned over. It now looks like a big umbrella without a tight stand Newport Cigarettes, through the trees. Slits, we can see large areas of corn, some are cut off by farmers, bundled in the ground, and some still standing in the field with leaves and stems, and seeing a green roll Cabbage, this is the first time we have not seen the mountain, there is no near, there is no in the distance, it can be said that it is a horse, I suddenly found that the asphalt road is a bit wet, then look at the front of the car two large glass has been small The water drops were attached, and there was drizzle. When the car went down the slope, the terrain was relatively flat. At this time, the driver opened the heater. The hot under the feet, the TV drama on the car was me. I have seen it, I The face turned to the window again, and the poplar trees that ran backwards were common trees in our hometown. Their weak body on the small body represented that they had not grown up yet in their childhood Online Cigarettes, and the few poor leaves on the branches were still reluctant to give people With his hands on it, its white boots are particularly eye-catching in the yellow pastoral fields. There are scattered cattle and sheep in the fields. The far lower mountain lines are not ups and downs. They are dressed neatly, unlike Hebei. The mountain gravel on both sides of the road is bare outside. The soil is the color of the earth. The stone is the color of the stone. The bungalows in the garden gradually increase. At the same time, there are iconic things such as the enlarged Lele car, holding the matouqin. The stone carving appeared, and as the car moved in the field, there was a linear snow strip in the sunken field. When the snow in the field turned into a small snow flake, and the snow flakes turned into a white coat and draped on the earth, I also Got home.
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