Parting is essential for everyone. Maybe it will be sad and sad. Maybe there will be tears. Maybe it's for a better encounter next time. Now that I have entered the junior high school campus, the parting when I graduated from elementary school, now I can vividly remember it, and I do n��t want to leave in my mind. At the graduation ceremony, the principal ��s solemn and serious speech, the teacher ��s serious words, classmates The alma mater's reluctance is turning into tears flowing in everyone's heart. On the way from the auditorium to our classroom, we changed our usual style of playfulness and silence all the way-in the classroom, the teacher said to us in tears: "Children, we have graduated." We are like a swarm of bees. He rushed to the teacher and said in unison: "Teacher, you have worked hard, we love you, we can't bear you." The teacher wiped away his tears and said, "You will be happy after graduation. Come and cut the cake!" After that, we cut the cake together, wrote the classmates' records to each other, put our reluctance on the tip of the pen, and wrote down our blessings one by one. When it's time to go to school, we pounce on the balloon and yell, "We have graduated." We recorded this in our documentary. Go out of the school, and in the wish box outside the door Newport Cigarettes, put in our own blessings to our alma mater, and reluctant and nostalgic for this and our wonderful childhood. My friends and I were holding hands in front of our alma mater, were reluctant to leave, and soon it started to rain. I thought: even God is sorry for us. My friend and I laughed and said goodbye. Because we have to witness before our alma mater that we will see you again. As I walked to the bus stop, I felt that every step was difficult. Parting does not require sadness or tears Cigarettes For Sale, but for a better encounter. Do not let us leave any regrets when leaving, let our youth have no regrets Cigarettes Online, come on! Graduation season.
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