ll the way to the rhododendron red. All the way to singing, all the way to a smooth, all the way to think of the clouds and peaks, the Huixi into the beach. The water is clear and clear, the fry are swimming, and the golden pheasant is flying. The steep mountain road is narrow, the dense forest is deep, the bird is called the humming, and it enters the old forest ditch. Go up the mountain and the road is at your feet. The Taoping section is full of wood, deciduous, thick and knee-high, with soft rot and comfortable feet. The ancient vines are thick and the mouth of the bowl, wrapped around the tall trees, covering the sky. There are some pieces of arbor that die, and Teng Maosheng, there are vines and wood are dead, not grass. Some people mentioned heroes and beauties, corrupt officials and mistresses. I think it is comparable to wood and temperament. I want to be invisible in the valley where oak, kudzu, and grass grow. The ground seems to have the image of ploughing. Some people are digging for drugs and planting here. Land? No, it is a masterpiece of wild boar. There is a lack of winter food. They eat acorns or eat puerarias. They are full of nutritious health foods. In the summer, their whole family is here to take a cool summer vacation Cheap Cigarettes. Leisure vacation, family fun, leisurely and fast! I think that people eat only when they are full of food. People wear clothes and only keep warm, and delicious food, gold and jade clothes are really empty. The fascinating appearance, the exhausted body and mind, the selfish soul, the value of life is very high, amused. The mountains and winds that have always existed here still seem to tell the story of volcanic eruptions, melting glaciers and the extinction of dinosaurs. Human beings are animals, and they are also members of nature. They belong to the primate human beings, the auras of intelligent brains, all of which are earthy aromas. Wisdom is also ignorant, ignorant and wise, too much, obviously, natural. Here, I suddenly feel that I am naked, it is grass, trees, mountains, wind, leaves and earth. Turn over a few mountains, to the Lushi boundary of Henan, all the thick larch, straight into the clouds, the annoying cement road, the prisoner's building, placed in Lintao Songhai. The idle and run-down resorts seem to have suits and sculpt, and the silks and satin are still floating in the flamboyant night. Those who come here are unfortunate, and I am dizzy and leave. Climbing the Jade Emperor's Top, the waist is sore and soft, and the sweat is flowing back. "There are half a dozen of people who walk a hundred miles." In the end, it is hard to move. When I arrived, I really felt the comfort of "the infinite scenery in the far peak" and the heroic "will be the top of the mountain Newport Cigarettes." The four mountains meet the Jade Emperor Peak Marlboro Gold, and the Eight Immortals gather in the Tibetan Village. Qisong is a windy, strange stone imagery, cloud steaming Xia Wei, tree green stone white, mountain dangerous valley deep, spectacular scenery. Then on the peak tower, the condescending, empty and boundless, the clouds are foggy, dizzy, reaching out and touching the sky, the high places are not too cold. The people who live and do things, the most important thing is the process. Without hardship and pain, you will not feel the joy and joy. Down the mountain and returning to the logical chapter, unexpectedly lost Jingzhou, a moment of negligence, the direction is wrong, the route is biased, and the south is withdrawn. The road ahead is black, crossing the river by feeling the stones, cliffs, and a misunderstanding, should be careful. Unexpectedly, "Sai Weng lost his horse knows that he is not a blessing" and traveled to Shangnan County. "Two provinces and three counties" one-day tour, Laolinou, Shuanglingou, Liushugou, I finally found out the old forest ditch, and finally found my own heart.
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